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It was 28 years ago when I first discovered the coffee shop.

I was a new Mum. The Mother’s group wanted to go ‘out’ for our next get together. I have a vivid memory of 8 Mums and prams jammed onto the pavement enjoying the sun and a coffee.

This was my first memory of ‘going for coffee’. 

Fast forward to today and coffee has become a necessary part of our routine. Whether it be a morning walk, train ride to work or meeting with friends or colleagues. The coffee cup is an essential part of this and the cup we choose can have a lasting or fleeting impact on the globe. 

We have moved away from enjoying our coffee at the cafe, taking in the surroundings, having a conversation with the barista, to a quick grab and go in a throw away cup.

Cafes and coffee are available everywhere, even in what were once remote parts of Australia. 

Not surprisingly, the use of single use disposable coffee cups is on the rise as well. Not just here in Australia but across the globe.

So how do we reverse this trend?