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Embracing Change

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Change can bring about uncertainty. Embracing that uncertainty allows us to truly break habits of old.

For business owners, embracing the uncertainty of change could in fact, broaden your customer base and create a more positive environment for employees. Consumers and workers are becoming more aware of environmental impacts of waste and single use and these consumers and workers are looking for businesses that share their mindset. 

A recent study conducted by the Australian Catholic University found workers who saw their employers as more sustainable perceived their businesses as more successful so the employees were more inclined to stay longer. Similar results were found in a larger study conducted by Deloitte where over 75% of staff interviewed were more likely to stay with a business where there was a focus on sustainability.

The research suggests that by creating an environment where sustainability is at the core we feel we are moving forward and thus providing hope towards a greener future. This can only be a good thing for our health, the health of our employees, our business and our planet. 

By embracing the uncertainty of change we can truly break habits of old and create some positive and rewarding new habits enriching relationships and experiences. 

This is what Changing Waste Patterns is all about.

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